Vacation Club / Points


As a Tanglewood Vacation Club (TVC)/Points member, your timeshare offers a multitude of reservation options when planning a vacation to Tanglewood or to another resort destination. Points allow you to make nightly room reservations (2-night minimum) at Tanglewood based on your needs for each individual vacation.

Per the Rules & Regulations of the TVC, the unit and week on your deed determine the point value of your membership. These points may be used at your discretion here at Tanglewood or by deposit with Interval International (deposits with II must still be made in weekly increments).

The number of points used for each reservation is determined by 4 variables. They are:

  1.  Type of unit being reserved
  2.  Time of Year

There are 3 basic rules to Points use as well:

  1. Each Points reservation must be a minimum of 2 nights.
  2. Blackout dates apply.
  3. You may carry unused points over from one year to the next.  However, those points that were carried over must be used the subsequent year either at Tanglewood Resort or within Interval International.

The original Flexible Use Plan designation of seasons applies whereas Swing weeks (offseason) are calendar weeks 1-13/44-50 and Prime weeks are 14-43/51-52.

  1. Day of week checking in
  2. Length of stay

With each vacation or getaway, the total amount of points used will be deducted from your allotment for that year. If you do not use all your points one year they carry over to the next year. Also, multiple units may be reserved at one time based on points and unit availability.

Please refer to the Points Matrix for weekly and nightly point values.