Despite their obvious splendor, Texas and Oklahoma remain two of the most underrated states in the West. Known for their vast western landscapes, these states are home to many hidden gems for you to discover. In particular, the Lake Texoma area is full of so many things to do and unique ways to get out in nature. Lake Texoma is known as one of the largest reservoirs in the country. And, when you stay at Tanglewood Resort & Conference Center, you’ll have everything at your fingertips for a relaxing stay in the Lake Texoma area.

Tanglewood Resort is within minutes of the area’s most beloved state parks, as well as the famous Lake Texoma. And, when you stay here, you’ll gain access to our new heated pools, on-site restaurants, spa, and horseback riding facilities. We have 10 different types of accommodations, ranging from two to eight guests, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your family’s needs so that you have a comfortable place to stay while you explore the state parks in the area.

Without further ado, here are the best state parks near Lake Texoma for you to visit during your long-awaited vacation.

Lake Texoma State Park

The best place to start for any type of state park exploration in this area is Lake Texoma State Park itself. This huge park spans two separate states and includes everything from fishing, picnicking, horseback riding, nature programs for all ages, and golf. It’s the perfect location for an all-day or multi-day trip out into nature.

Eisenhower State Park

Right across the state line in Texas, Eisenhower State Park is another can’t miss natural attraction. This picturesque state park is all about family-friendly adventure, from hiking to swimming and exploring high lakeside bluffs. There’s even lots of geocaching you can experience here, making this the perfect family-friendly day trip from Lake Texoma.

Lake Murray State Park

For another memorable state park experience, Lake Murray State Park doesn’t disappoint. It’s Oklahoma’s first and biggest state park, and it’s known for hiking due to its terrain and abundance of trails. You can also take the kids fishing or boating on Lake Murray itself for an on-the-water adventure that cannot be beaten!

No matter where you choose to explore, there is a nearby state park for you. From family-friendly hikes to nature programs, you and your kids will love everything about the Lake Texoma area, especially when combined with a week’s stay at heavenly Tanglewood Resort.