In Texoma, Texas, the temperature varies throughout the year – you can experience anything from 35°F to 95°F depending on when you decide to visit! Before you fly in and get settled at Tanglewood Resort in Texoma, you’ll want to make sure that you’re picking the appropriate clothing for your vacation to ensure that you are comfortable and can enjoy every day of your stay in Texoma. We put together the ultimate packing list for your Texas vacation so that you have one less thing to worry about!

Summer and Spring: What to Wear in Texas

The best time to visit Texoma is anytime from April until September if you’re looking to experience friendly temperatures, especially if you’re traveling from somewhere cold! Below, you’ll see a list that we created of what to pack for your vacation during the spring and summer season.

Packing List for Texas in the Summer and Spring

Whether your vacation lands in the summer or spring months, your packing list will typically stay the same. It is usually warm during the day and cooler at night, so you’ll be packing for a minor temperature range.


    • Pants, shorts, or skirts: You’ll want to bring a few pairs of shorts and pants, even if it’s the height of summer, in case of chilly evenings or a chilly day. Choose casual fabrics, like denim and cotton, but be sure to bring at least one pair of dressy pants for a night out. If you like skirts, bring a few to wear during the day!
    • Short-sleeved tops: Choose a few short-sleeved casual tops, like t-shirts or blouses to wear during the day.
    • Long-sleeved tops: Bring a few long-sleeved casual shirts so that you’ll stay warm at night, and in case you experience a chilly day. Make sure to bring a nice shirt to pair with your dressy pants too!
    • Sweaters, cardigans, or jackets: You’ll want to bring some form of a light jacket or cardigan for an extra layer against the chilly nights. If you’re experiencing some mild weather during the day, it’s nice to have something you can throw on and stay comfortable!


  • Shoes: If you’re planning on doing some outdoor activities, it’s always a good idea to bring tennis shoes, as well as a pair or two of sandals. If you’d like, bring a third pair to go with a dressy outfit.
  • Swimsuit: When you stay at Tanglewood Resort, you’ll have access to a gorgeous pool. You may even spend some time out on Lake Texoma soaking up the sun!
  • Essentials: Be sure to bring all of the essentials, including undergarments, socks, toiletries, chargers for your electronics, a pair of sunglasses, and anything else you usually bring when you travel. 


Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center

Staying at Tanglewood Resort will only enhance your Texas vacation experience! We havePhoto of Tanglewood Resort an array of suites and villas that will be perfect for you and your group. Staying with us means you have access to our gorgeous swimming pool, Tranquility Spa, and our top-notch golf course. There is no shortage of things to do in Texoma, or at Tanglewood Resort. To make your reservation, call us at 800-833-6569 and start packing!