All of a sudden, several months have flown by the holidays are fast approaching. If you’re wondering where the days went, it might be time to take a vacation to savor the time left in the year. After all, traveling is a worthwhile pursuit, no matter what season. Texas is the perfect place to spend December—but if you need a little convincing, here are just a few reasons why you should spend your Christmas in Texas at Tanglewood Resort

1. Escape the Holiday Hustle and Bustle  

Although the holiday comes with fun things like Christmas cookies and visits from Santa, they don’t come without a little behind-the-scenes work. If you spend your Christmas in Texas, you can have all the holiday joy without the effort. Because you won’t be the host, you don’t have to clean the house or cook and bake for everyone. Perhaps your vacation to Lake Texoma is your Christmas gift to your loved ones, so you won’t even have to wrap any presents. After all, experiences are irreplaceable presents to gift your loved ones. So, if you’re one to stress and make sure that everything is perfect for the holidays, let go of your worries and relax during your holidays in Texas.

2. Be Refreshed for the New Year 

Plenty of benefits result from successful vacations. When it comes to your corporate life, unburdening yourself from the daily stressors of meetings, deadlines, and to-do lists every so often helps immensely with mental health. The luxury of not setting an alarm and catching up on your sleep helps you function better. Plus, not having to sit at your desk for 8 hours a day helps you burn off a few more calories than you might typically. Finally, a change of pace helps with your creativity and motivation once you get back into the office. If you take the trip at the end of the year, you’ll return at the beginning of the next refreshed and ready to go. 

3. Start a New Holiday Tradition 

During your time here, you can make sure to attend the various Christmas attractions in Texas to boost your holiday spirit. Perhaps, you’ll find an event that you particularly love, and return again and again for it each year. For example, catch Christmas lights in Texas by visiting the Sherman Christmas Parade, which has a different theme every year that decorates the floats, cars, horses, and participants. Or, go to the lighting of the Christmas tree in Denison for the perfect way to kick off the season. 

4. End Your Year with a Bang

Many people put a lot of hype on celebrating New Year’s Eve. Understandably, because an anticlimactic end to the year might be a little disappointing. Spending your New Year’s and Christmas in Texas means that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in new experiences, try new foods, and make memories that you’ll never forget. Plus, you’ll have something to talk about right at the beginning of the new year.  

Your Texas Christmas at Tanglewood Resort 

When it comes to Lake Texoma resorts, Tanglewood is the best because of our wide variety of on-site activities, our culinary experiences, and the comfort and peace you’ll find in our rooms. You’re sure to have a wonderful Christmas in Texas if you stay with us. For more information, give us a call at 800-833-6569 or visit us on our website