tanglewood summerLake Texoma is known for many things. Incredible views, bald eagle sightings, and incredible cruises are just a few of the fantastic features of Lake Texoma. With its size and location, this lake is also known for spectacular fishing. A wide breadth of species, as well as settings for various techniques, make this lake a unique spot for a fantastic Tanglewood summer fishing Lake Texoma. Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is located conveniently on the shores, granting easy access to the waters.

Finding Fish

Lake Texoma is home to many different species of fish and many that are hard to find in other areas. You can discover the typically ocean dwelling Striped Bass or Striper in abundance here. Though they do migrate from end to end during the seasons so make sure you ask locals which areas of the lake the stripers are gathering. You can find many of the other common fish like crappies, bluegills, smallmouth bass, and others as well. You may also encounter the popular Sandies, more officially named the Sand Bass during the spring and summer seasons.

Cast Your Lines

 tanglewood summerThe location and shape of Lake Texoma create a fishing experience you cannot find anywhere else. Fish tend to migrate within the lake and spawn in the tributaries that line the edges of Lake Texoma. You can get a guide to help you with tips and tricks for the area and how to finesse the local fish. Fishing here can be a little different as the waters connect the border of Texas and Oklahoma. Since the lake is split, it is important to know the fishing and boating regulations of both states just to be sure you have a fun and uninterrupted fishing experience.  

Reel ‘Er In!

Tanglewood Resort invites you to come out to Lake Texoma to reel in some Texas-sized catches and enjoy the beautiful Lake Texoma. Visit our website to for any fishing packages for an extra fun fishing trip. You can call us at (800) 833-6569 to speak with one of our staff members to get you set up with the best charters and guides and get your fishing trip started off right. Grab some fishing gear and head out to Lake Texoma and Tanglewood Resort for your best Tanglewood summer yet!