north texas resortsEvery great business has an incredible team driving its success. Make sure your team is a well-oiled machine and on top of their game by scheduling an unforgettable corporate retreat. Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is known for being one of the best North Texas resorts for corporate retreats to keep teams at their best.

The Venue

Located right on Lake Texoma, Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is ready to host your group for its best corporate retreat yet. With several different sized areas available, you will be able to find the perfect room to hold any meetings or training events. Whether your group needs a space like the newly renovated ballroom for up to five hundred guests or a smaller area like Admiral’s Chamber for groups of twenty, you will be able to get just the right amount of space. Find your group in a distraction-free space or with beautiful views of Lake Texoma. Each venue is set up for optimal group experiences.

Extreme Team Building

Every team north texas resortsworks best when it works together. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” after all! So, why not take your team to the sandbox for some “Extreme” team building? To the Extreme Sandbox, that is. Extreme Sandbox is a business that partners with Tanglewood Resort for groups to experience team building like never before. Operate heavy equipment and complete fun challenges as a team and work together on a 26-ton adventure.

Get Your Team Ready!

Get your team geared up and excited about a phenomenal corporate retreat to one of the best North Texas resorts. Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is ready to build your team up to the best it can be. Give them a call at (800) 833-6569 or visit their website to begin planning your team’s epic corporate outing.